Karavasta Lagoon

The lagoon of Karavasta is the largest coastal lagoon in Albania. It is located about 20 kilometers west of Lushnja in central Albania at Divjaka on the coast of the Adriatic Sea between the mouths of the rivers Shkumbin and Seman, through whose activities it was formed. The size of the lagoon is 45 km ². The maximum depth is only 1.3 m, the average depth is 0.7 m. From the sea, the lagoon is separated only by narrow wooded dunes. All around a wetland has formed.

National park

Since 1994, standing 12.5 km ² of the lagoon and the surrounding pine forests as a national park Divjake - Karavasta under protection. It is an internationally protected Ramsar site because the lagoon is an important refuge for some rare water birds, especially as wintering ground of migratory birds.


In Albania, is repeatedly pointed to the tourist potential of the region. The long sandy beach is already a popular destination for Albanians. First ecotourism projects but were victims of the riots in 1997, Tourism and the resulting emissions will, in its present form a negative impact on the fragile ecosystem and the wildlife from. Wastes, pollution, new construction, deforestation and human noise are among the problems, has to contend with which the reserve.