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Lushnja ( Albanian: Lushnjë ) is a city in central Albania. It has 31 105 inhabitants ( 2011).

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Lushnja is located on the northeastern edge of the Myzeqe level, an important agricultural region of Albania. Northeast of the city begins the gentle hills of Dumreja, which goes as far as Cërrik and Kuçova. To the west of the city on the Adriatic coast is protected as a national park lagoon Karavasta.

The climate is characterized by the Mediterranean coast. The winters are mild and rainy, the summers are very warm and dry.


Lushnja is a settlement where the place was called Lusme since the 15th century. In an Ottoman Defter of 1431 100 inhabitants were counted in 15 houses. 1850 the village was first mentioned Lushnja.

In January 1920, local authorities came together in the centrally located, was still a very small town from all over Albania. They gathered in the so-called Congress of Lushnja to regulate again after the First World War, the self-determination of the Albanians of Albania. They gave the country a constitution, elected a government and declared Tirana ( provisional ) capital of the state. The building in which the meeting took place, still stands today.

In 1970 he began the industrialization in Lushnja. It originated manufacturers, factories and business establishments.


In a range of hills in the middle of the plain between Lushnja and Fier is founded in 1282 and again operated since 1992, Christian Orthodox monastery Ardenica.



Among the most important cultural institutions in the city include the cultural center " Vače Zela ", the puppet theater, the Historical Museum with a rich collection of prehistoric and ancient times as well as the public library with a stock of 85,000 books.

Cultural events

Among the most important cultural events of the city, which are annually performed in Lushnja include the day of the historic Congress of Lushnja on January 21, the day of the balloons on April 21, the honorary citizenship Festival on April 22, the opening of the tourist season on June 25, the day without my car on September 20th and the day of the liberation of the city Lushnja on October 18. The month of October is also dedicated to literature. There are sundry lectures, reading circles and literary events.


The local football club KS Lushnja plays in the 2013/14 season in the second highest league. The club plays its home games at the stadium " Roza Haxhiu " from.



In Bashkia Council of Lushnja sit 32 members: 15 of the Socialist Party, seven of the Democratic Party, three of the Socialist Movement for Integration, three of the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity, one of the Christian Democratic Party, one of the party Social Democracy, one of the social Democratic Party, one of the party legality movement and the Republican Party.


Since 2011, Fatos Tushe (PS ) mayor of the city.


In Lushnja has for the first instance the District Court ( Alb. Gjykata e Rrethit Gjyqësor të Lushnjës ) his official residence.


In the administrative unit of the Bashkia Lushnja located next to the town, the village Karbunara in the southeast.


Lushnja is an important stopover on the national route to the south and thus the direction of Greece. The Albanian Railways operates since 1968 a through station in the city, where trains twice a day: once the direction of Vlora and Durres one direction.

In the town by the National Road SH4 ( Durres - Greece) branch the national roads towards Berat and Belsh.

Since 2006, the SH4 Durres is expanded as a motorway and bypasses Lushnja in a large arc to the southwest. In 2008, the highway was extended until after Fier. The National Road to Berat is in good condition.


  • Margarita Xhepa ( born 1932 ), actress
  • Lenka Çuko (* 1938), politician
  • Vače Zela (1939-2014), folk singer
  • Gëzim Hajdari ( born 1957 ), poet, essayist, translator and narrator
  • Shpendi " Noé " Sollaku (* 1957), writer
  • Elini Dimoutsos (* 1988), German, Greek footballer