Kasumigaseki (Japanese霞が関, also霞ヶ関) is a district of the district of Chiyoda of Japan Tokyo Prefecture. It is located immediately south of the imperial residence in the center of Tokyo and is home to numerous ministries and agencies of the central government. " Kasumigaseki " is therefore also used figuratively to the Japanese government bureaucracy; in contrast, with Nagatacho - refers to the elected organs of government - the name of the district, which adjoins the north-west.

The boundaries of the district to the north by the moat of the Imperial Palace along running Uchibori - dori (内堀 通り), to the east of the Iwaida - dori (祝田 通り), in the west of the Roppongi - dori (六本木 通り) or the urban motorway Tokyo C1 and south roughly from the Sotobori - dori (外堀 通り). Central from south to north runs the Sakurada - dori (桜田 通り), which ends at the gate Sakurada-mon.

The area Kasumigasekis of 0.48 km ² is dominated by office buildings. The district consists of three Chome, in which lived according to the census of 2010, a total of four residents in four households. The day after the 2005 census, the population was at 59,210. The zip code of Kasumigaseki is 100-0013; However, many buildings or institutions own postcodes.

In Kasumigaseki centers include the following buildings:

  • Currently seven Chūō Godo Chosha ( lit. " central, united office building " ), in which several ministries and agencies are housed the central government,
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and the Mininsterium of Economy, Trade and Industry,
  • The Keishi -chō, the police department of the Tokyo Metropolitan
  • The seat of the Supreme Court Tokyo, the Tokyo District Court and the High Court for Intellectual Property,
  • The headquarters of the Japan Post Group, the former state- mail, and once the seat of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications,
  • The Kasumigaseki Building completed in 1968, the first office building in Japan, which was about 100 meters high,
  • Shin - Kasumigaseki Building with the headquarters of the Higashi- Nihon Kōsokudōro, the East Japan motorway operating company and
  • The head office of Nihon Bengoshi Rengokai, the Japanese Bar Association.

Four lines of Tōkyō Metro passing through Kasumigaseki, there are the metro stations Sakuradamon and Kasumigaseki. The Toranomon station on the Ginza line is located on the southern border in the neighboring district of Toranomon in Minato. The inner ring C1 of the urban motorway Tokyo, whose operating company Shuto Kōsokudōro KK is also located in the district, runs partially underground at the western edge of Kasumigaseki.