KBC Band

KBC band was founded in 1985 by Paul Kantner (guitar, vocals), Marty Balin (vocals, guitar) and Jack Casady ( bass), called all of the founding members of the band Jefferson Airplane to life. They were joined by Keith Crossan (saxophone, guitar, vocals ), Tim Gorman (keyboards, vocals), Mark "Slick" Aguilar (guitar, vocals) and Darrell Verdusco (drums).

Your sole, only moderately successful album KBC volume appeared in 1986. The song contained on America was a minor hit and was played often after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. The title Its Not You, Its Not Me was also a minor hit. In 1987, the band broke up again.

Kantner and Casady played together in the subsequent time at Hot Tuna, Kantner to 1988, Casady was part of the main cast. 1989 there was a brief reunion of Jefferson Airplane, in which also starred Tim Gorman. 1992 Kantner revived the Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship sequel as " Jefferson Starship - The Next Generation" again, actually a variant of the KBC band without Crossan and Verdusco. The latter joined in 2008 Starship, another successor band to Jefferson Airplane.