KC is an abbreviation for:

  • Canoe Club, frequent self-description in a canoe sports club
  • Antitrust Convent of the compounds of German students of the Jewish faith, Union of Jewish Students connections
  • Kennel Club, (German literally Kennel Club ), umbrella organizations of the dog breed in the English speaking
  • Kerosene carrier ( tanker ) in accordance with the designation system for U.S. military aircraft
  • The Kennel Club, Federation of British Dog Breeders Clubs

KC as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Kronach
  • UK: Borehamwood ( for around Luton )
  • Croatia: Koprivnica
  • Norway: Hallingdal in the province Buskerud
  • Slovakia: Kosice (not yet assigned)

As an abbreviation for " small computer ", especially in the GDR:

  • KC 85/2, KC 85/3 and KC 85/4, produced by VEB microelectronics Mühlhausen home computer
  • KC compact, manufactured by VEB microelectronics Mühlhausen home computer
  • Small computer robotron KC 87 and KC 85/1, manufactured by VEB Robotron measurement electronics Dresden home computer

K. C. is the nickname of:

Other meanings:

  • Category C, extreme right-wing hooligan band
  • Kiddy Contest, Austrian music show for children
  • Company commander in the National People's Army of the GDR

Kc stands for:

  • Kc value, abbreviation for plant coefficient and used to determine the water consumption of plants

CZK is an abbreviation for:

  • Czech crown ( Koruna česká ), since 8 February 1993 ( shortly after the division of Czechoslovakia and the establishment of the Czech Republic on 1 January 1993 ) the currency of the Czech Republic

KC is an abbreviation for:

  • Lancia Kappa Coupe, Lancia also kC
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