Keith Rowe

Keith Rowe ( born March 16, 1940 in Plymouth, England ) is a free - improvising British guitarist and visual artist.

Life and work

Rowe studied at the London Art School Fine Arts and worked as a jazz musician Mike Westbrook, where he approached the free play. With his fellow Eddie Prévost, and Lou Gare 1965, he founded the influential improvising ensemble AMM, to which he belonged (except 1972-1976 ) until 2004. Rowe initially developed primarily in this group an unconventional use of the guitar, which he prepared new ways to play the music avant-garde: Similar to Masayuki Takayanagi he put to play the guitar on a table and materials used, to prepare it like a piano; also he used instruments with a third land. Furthermore, he moved into a radios and other noise generators.

Rowe was also involved in the founding of the Elektronicaband Mimeo and the group [N: Q] involved. He is regarded since the 1990s as one of the most influential musicians in the field of free improvisation music and electro-acoustic music. His current recordings appear on Erstwhile Records.

Rowe worked with musicians and composers such as Cornelius Cardew, Christian Wolff, Howard Skempton, Taku Sugimoto, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Oren Ambarchi, Christian Fennesz, Toshimaru Nakamura, Burkhard Beins, Günter Müller, John Tilbury and Evan Parker. Currently Rowe lives in France.


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