• Connected to the IJsselmeer, Zwarte sea and Vossemeer
  • Originated from a part of the Zuiderzee

The Ketelmeer (Dutch sea - the lake ) is a lake in the Netherlands which has arisen as many other local lakes by separating the former Zuiderzee from the North Sea and the subsequent reclamation. It lies between the polder of Flevoland and the Noordoostpolder

In the southeast, the IJssel flows behind Kampen in the Ketelmeer, in the north- west it goes over into the IJsselmeer. In the south it is connected with the Vossemeer, separated by a gate from Drontermeer. In the east the Ketelmeer has a connection to the Zwarte sea.

Environmental problems

The bottom of the Ketelmeeres is heavily contaminated, the Rhine encamped here on his estuary IJssel years an approximately 50 -cm-deep layer of mud full of pollutants ( PCBs, heavy metals ) from. To add this mud, was built between 1996 and 1999 in the middle of the island Ketelmeer landfill IJsseloog.

After the renovation of the sea floor to be dug in Ketelmeer a fairway that allows ships with a draft of up to 3.50 meters in the passage. Thus, the lower course of the river IJssel is to be made ​​navigable. The excavated, unencumbered silt is to be used for placing an estuary of the river IJssel in which the nature reserve IJsselmonding ( " IJsselmündung " ) to be created.

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