Khnumhotep III

Khnumhotep was an Egyptian vizier under Sesostris III of the. and perhaps under Amenemhet III. officiated.


Khnumhotep was the son of the mayor of menat - Khufu, Khnumhotep II, who is known primarily from his grave in Beni Hassan. He is mentioned in the biography of his father, and it is described that he was a single friend, entitled Gate of foreign countries. Khnumhotep was thus already sent at a young age by the royal residence, where he made ​​his career, especially in the area of ​​the expedition being. He also appears in a scene in his father's grave, as he receives a group of Asians.

On a stele that was found by the Red Sea and dated in the first year of Sesostris II, with the titles of the expedition leader ( God Siegler ) appears and tells of the erection of a monument there in God's country. His official title is dortiger Cabinet chief.

His grave

His grave was found in 1894 in Dahshur. There was a massive building, which was decorated on the outside with a palace facade. There were found the remains of a badly damaged biography. Excavations in 2001 under Dieter Arnold provided further fragments of biography, which show that Khnumhotep or his subordinates in Byblos and Ullaza were traveling. In the Mastaba Khnumhotep bears the official title of a top asset manager and a vizier. These positions so he reached the end of his career. The remains of his corpse found in the grave chamber, show that he died at about 65 years.

Pictures of Khnumhotep III