Kinect Sports

Kinect Sports is a sports video game for the Xbox 360 console, which was developed by Rare and published in 2010 by Microsoft. The game features six sports simulations, which are operated via the Kinect accessory using free body movements. It appeared simultaneously with Kinect and is available for free on Xbox Live. The game was over three million copies sold, particularly in Europe; A sequel has been announced for October 2011.


The control of all games is via Kinectsensor. It has thereby no controller in hand, but also controls the character solely through imitation of the respective discipline. In this way a block can be, for example, in volleyball form by the player jumps.


The game consists of 15 specialist Party Play events, three additional mascots and 70 acquisition track record, six games following sports:

  • Football: Football can be played alone against a computer controlled team, as a couple ( with or against each other ), or as one of many challenges.
  • Bowling: This game is played in first-person and includes the single player modes, 2-4 players, competition and a variety of challenges.
  • Athletics: divided into Sprint, Javelin, Long Jump, Discus and Hurdles
  • Boxes: The boxes include a fight over three rounds for one to two players locally via split-screen or online via Xbox Live.
  • Volleyball: The game modes offered here are similar to those of football.
  • Table tennis: One or two players can compete in solo or double play against the computer or against each other. Also here is a challenge mode is offered.


The game received positive reviews throughout. IGN awarded the match by 8/ 10 points, Gamespot gave a 7.5/10 X-Play and was there for a score of 4/5.

In addition, the following votes were cast:

  • Gamepro - 70 %
  • Xbox Dynasty - 90%
  • 4players - 70 %
  • Metacritic - 72 %