Kinnickinnic River (St. Croix River)

The Kinnickinnic River in the center of River Falls

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The Kinnickinnic River ( umgs. Kinni called ) is a tributary of the St. Croix River in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It rises in St. Croix County and flows south-west to the place River Falls, which was named after a waterfall on this river. After 40 km river flows into the river in the Kinnickinnic State Park in the St. Croix River.


The name comes from the language Ojibwe Kinnickinnic and designated a mixture of tobacco and other plant materials for smoking.


Joel Foster was the first settler in the area of the river.


North of River Falls the Kinnickinnic River is a slow- flowing river in a flat and sandy bed. Below the village the pelvis is, however stony and wider, while the sand re-deposited in the delta of the river. The point at which the Kinnickinnic River empties into the St. Croix River, is called Kinnickinnic Narrows.


The characteristics mentioned above also have an impact on the fauna of the river: How come in the upper reaches va smaller trout species before, during one finds carp and crustaceans as well as larger species of trout in the lower reaches. In the delta of the river also black bass are found.

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