Kip Hanrahan

Kip Hanrahan ( born December 9, 1954 in the Bronx, New York City ) is an American record producer and percussionist.

Life and work

Hanrahan, who came first as an assistant to Carla Bley with the contemporary jazz in contact, plays with most records he produced an unusual role that he himself is that of a film director in analogy. It brings together musicians and concepts which he has conducted the extent that it interferes with musical events (for example, causes the percussionists begin with a solo passage or the pianist plays the transition to another piece ). It combines soloists of the avant-garde jazz ( like Don Pullen, David Murray, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Carmen Lundy and Steve Swallow ) with radio musicians from New Orleans like Allen Toussaint, Leo Nocentelli ( The Meters ) and Charles Neville ( Neville Brothers), with rock musicians such as Sting or Jack Bruce and percussionists of Latin jazz scene such as Andy Gonzalez, Milton Cardona, Robby Ameen and Horacio " El Negro" Hernandez. Mostly he has co with poets such as Ishmael Reed and Paul Haines ( the lyricist of Escalator over the Hill ).

Hanrahan has but in addition also produces remarkable albums with the Nuevo Tango composer Astor Piazzolla and with musicians from Hanrahans radius as Arto Lindsay or Alfredo Meet and presented on his label "American Clavé ".

His album Desire Develops on Edge was " Records That Set the World on Fire (While No One Was Listening ) 100 " started in 1998 in the list of The Wire.