Kiruna FF

Kiruna FF is a football club from the city of Kiruna in Sweden. The team was founded in 1970 from the province of Norrbotten County is the northernmost football team in Sweden.


Kiruna FF was founded on 21 December 1970 as a merger of the football teams from Kiruna AIF and IFK Kiruna, Kiruna Kebne IK and BK. While Kiruna AIF and IFK Kiruna and Kebne IK has repeatedly played in the third division, Kiruna joined BK not regionally in appearance. The resultant from the time of his fourth and fifth-tier club took his game operating in the season 1971 in the fourth division Division 4 Norrbotten Norra.

In the second year of existence Kiruna FF won the 1972 season victory, but failed in the rise of games. The following year, the success was repeated in the league and the club was able to ascend this time directly. After initially avoiding relegation was succeeded in 1975 was followed by the re descent. Subsequently, the team shuttled repeatedly between the league level and has established itself in the third division until 1984. First, she won here midfield places and survived as a fourth- League 1986 reform on the level of play.

1988 rose Kiruna FF Season winner of the third-tier Division 2 Norra with one point ahead of Enköpings SK for the first time in the second division on. There, the club narrowly missed out on the walkover in the Allsvenskan, as with two points behind Hammarby IF and IF Vasalunds the season was finished in third place. After a sixth place in the following season, the team moved in 1991 as the winner of the Spring Series in the north in the promotion round to the Allsvenskan one. There only get three wins, was so missed as Table of ascent.

Kiruna FF could not build on the success and already increased sequentially season in the third division from. The sporty decline was primarily associated with the drastic reduction of the sponsorship by the mining company LKAB. This meant Foreign players as in the past from the former Soviet Union, Finland and Norway, will become unaffordable and it had to be reinforced set to their own offspring.

Only coach Hans -Olov Björnström, a teacher at the soccer school in Kiruna, managed with the beginning of his work as a trainer in 2003 after earlier years of a relegation battle in the Divisison 2 Norrland a break - Kiruna FF was in 2005 with a very young team as in fourth for the qualify newly established, third-class Division 1 League after a reform. After qualifying some performers left the club so that the team as an opportunity loose Table with only one win of the season - had to go back - despite national player Nigel Henry from Trinidad & Tobago and U19 national player Jonas Lantto. Coach Björnström put his coach resigned after this season.

In the 2007 season Kiruna FF played after a new personnel upheaval in the Division 2 Norrland again against relegation. With luck was secured the third from last place in the final table with a draw at Infjärdens SK after the equalizer in stoppage time from the penalty spot by Henrik Hannu on the final day and the subsequent relegation round Sunnanå SK after a 0-0 away draw with a 1-0 - Home success defeated. The following year failed as Table relegation and as a table Ninth Division 3 Norra Norrland, the direct re-emergence has been missed.