Klondike River

The Klondike River.

Today's gold mining Klondike

The Klondike River is a shallow, 161 km long river in the west of the territory Yukon in Canada, which, coming from the east flows into the Yukon River.

From the Indians living there he was called due to its wealth of salmon as a throne - diuck ( "river full of fish " ), which was transformed by the prospectors end of the 19th century in today's common name and the surrounding area, the Klondike, gave the name.

At the mouth of the Klondike River in the Yukon - Klondike here has a mouth width of about 35 meters - is Dawson, a legendary gold rush town on the occasion of the largest gold rush ( 1896-1898 ) in North America - the Klondike Gold Rush - had grown rapidly, but today only about 1,250 inhabitants.

The Klondike in Disney Stories

The fictional character Scrooge McDuck washed here by numerous figures in comics various signatories, including Carl Barks, Romano Scarpa or Don Rosa, his first gold and the legendary ostrich egg nugget, a gold nugget the size of a ostrich egg. According to Barks and Rosa Scrooge earned his first million here.

The Klondike and Charlie Chaplin

Likewise, Charlie Chaplin themed in 1925 with his silent film " Gold Rush " the phenomenon of the gold rush in the region.