Dawson City

Dawson City Dawson or was in 2006 with 1,327 inhabitants, is the second largest city in the Yukon Territory in Canada. Since creation of the territory in 1898 Dawson was the capital until the government moved in the 535 km south to Whitehorse 1953.

Dawson is located on the east bank of the Yukon, at the mouth of the Klondike River, 240 km south of the Arctic Circle.


The settlement was founded in 1896 at the beginning of the legendary Klondike Gold Rush and named after the Canadian geologist George Mercer Dawson, who had explored the region.

To reach Dawson was just over the White Pass or the infamous Chilkoot Trail and then a long and arduous journey by dog sled or canoe, and later by paddle steamer on the Yukon. 1898 had reached over 40,000 people culminating boom and population. It was the largest city west of Winnipeg and north of Seattle. A year later, 8,000 people had left the city in 1902 only 5,000 inhabitants lived there.


The climate is subarctic in Dawson. The average temperature in July is 15.6 ° C and -26.7 ° C in January The highest temperature ever recorded was 34.7 ° C on 31 May 1983 while with -55.8 ° C, the lowest temperature was measured on 11 February 1979. Temperatures below -30 ° C occur in the winter months are very common. Especially the hard and very cold winter have made to create the gold diggers of the founding period. All data from 2000.


Many houses in the gold mining town have been restored and were incorporated in a historic district, shall apply to the exact construction and maintenance provisions. Even new buildings must be built in historic style here.

The Dawson City Museum presents the history of the first gold mines and portrays the history of the houses of Dawson. Also on display is an exhibition on the railway turn of the century and a directory of prospectors. The Firemen's museum is located at the north end of town and draw up historical fire trucks and equipment.

Since Dawson's Gold Rush found its way into the world of literature by writers such as Jack London, the city offers in the house were the writer Pierre Berton, a Writers' Retreat, which allows writers a while to live in the city and work. The cabin of the writer Robert William Service is obtained, which was brought here by Stewart Iceland by Jack London.

In order to provide visitors with a realistic experience as possible, the Free Claim # 6 was developed as a free adventure claim on the historic Bonanza Creek. According to the tradition still exists a casino, the Diamond Tooth Gertie's. Finally, the paddle steamer SS Keno is to visit.

In February makes the Yukon Quest, a held annually Sled Dog Race between Whitehorse and Fairbanks, Dawson maintenance. It is the only place where provisions may be included during the ten - to fourteen- day race.

Transport and Tourism

In Dawson, there are hotels such as the Downtown Hotel and the Aurora, which are open all year. Approximately 5 minutes before the Dawson Bonanza Gold Motel & RV Park is also year-round, ready for guests.

Dawson is now a destination for many canoeists who start in Whitehorse and paddle in 14 to 16 days their Canadians to Dawson.

The Dempster Highway begins about 40 kilometers east of Dawson and crosses the Arctic Circle to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. The further north Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean can be reached only in winter on the ice road, which is applied in December each year with great effort on the frozen Mackenzie River. For the Inuit then the river is an important transport connection. Only now greater transport of goods without the help of airplanes can be performed. However, this artery is at risk due to global warming. Thus, the temperatures in 2007 were so high that the Ice Road in January - was passable - and then only with a certain risk.

In addition to the Dempster Highway with the Tombstone Territorial Park also features the Top of the World Highway prospect of wide valleys and flowering mountain ranges. The Top of the World Highway connects West Dawson, YT - Canada with Alaska, United States. The border crossing is located approximately 127 kilometers (79 Miles ). The highway is usually locked in winter.

In the zoo of Hanover, some buildings have been reconstructed from Dawson detail in the theme park Yukon Bay.


  • Geraldine Van Bibber ( born 1951 ), 2005-2010 Commissioner of the Yukon
  • Victor Jory (1902-1982), actor
  • Eskimo Welzl (1868-1948), Swedish adventurer, world traveler and author, who lived from 1930 until his death as a hermit in Dawson.