Tombstone Territorial Park

View from North Fork Pass on the Tombstone Mountain


Tombstone Territorial Park is a 2200 km ² large reserve in the Ogilvie Mountains in the Yukon Territory.

The Dempster Highway from Dawson to Inuvik divides the park into two halves. The name derives from the 2196 m high Tombstone Mountain, which lies in the western part of the protected area.

The landscape of the Territorial Park is characterized by permafrost with Pingo and palsas and wide, expansive, covered by tundra valleys. The cold air from the Arctic Sea has an Arctic tundra spread favors to the northern reaches of the park. There are forms of vegetation as usually found only in much more northern latitudes. The valleys of the Klondike and the Chandindu Rivers in the south of the park are covered by boreal forests. The presence of many different types of rock and minerals has led to soils that have spawned a variety of plant life.

The Porcupine caribou herd wintered in the region, the flock Hart River keeps all year round there on. In addition to moose and Dall sheep live grizzly and black bears, as well as 137 species of birds including gyrfalcon and golden eagles, in the protected area.

The Tr'ondek Hwech'in and other peoples of the First Nations are present since at least 8000 years in the region. Over 78 archaeological sites testify to a continuous use of the region by the Indian peoples of Canada.