Pierre Berton

Pierre Francis de Marigny Berton, CC, O.Ont, (* July 12, 1920 in Whitehorse, Yukon, † November 30, 2004 in Toronto, Ontario) was a Canadian author and journalist. Berton has published more than 50 books, including many on the history of Canada, anthologies and children's books. In addition, he often appeared on television and has made ​​available to Canadian history to a wide audience for his work.


Berton was born in 1920 in Whitehorse, where his father Frank Berton was drawn in 1898 as a result of the Klondike Gold Rush. In 1921 his family moved to Dawson City, where they remained until 1932. His mother, Laura Beatrice Berton, nee Thompson, was a teacher in Toronto before she left as head of the kindergarten to Dawson. Pierre Berton worked first as his father in a mine. As a student at the University of British Columbia, he worked on the student newspaper, The Ubyssey. He later was in Vancouver at age 21 the youngest editor of a Canadian newspaper. In 1942, Berton was drafted as part of the national mobilization for the Canadian army and divided after basic training for the overseas action Go Active. Because of his university career later trained as a officer. During the Second World War, he remained in the military and was, among other things Instructor at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston.

In 1947, Berton moved to Toronto, where he was editor in chief of the magazine Maclean's. In 1957 he became an important member of the flagship program, Close-Up of CBC and constant discussion guest of the popular show Front Page Challenge. In the same year, he served as narrator of the documentary City of Gold, which was nominated for an Oscar. In 1958 he was a columnist and associate editor of the Toronto Star and was awarded the 1962 his own television show, which ran until 1973. Berton interviewed numerous artists, actors and other personalities, including Malcolm X (1965) and Lenny Bruce ( 1966). 1971 Bruce Lee even gave him the only known television interview. In addition, Berton hosted and author of other television shows.

In the 1980s, Berton turned increasingly to work as a book author and has been known mainly for his popular science history books. Berton received a star on the 1998 Canada 's Walk of Fame in Toronto, and was elected on 5 April 2004 in the show The Greatest Canadian at No. 31, the largest Canadian. He was later named after him in 1994 a History Prize (Pierre Berton Award), which is awarded by the Canada's National History Society annually.


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