Knoppix#Adriane Knoppix

ADRIANE is a free, designed for blind man desktop interface for GNU / Linux operating systems, which does without a graphical output. When user interfaces are speech and Braille displays using the screen reader SBL, originally from the SUSE project, with speech synthesis by eSpeak and Speech Dispatcher ( speechd ) used. Graphics programs can be used by Orca text content from windows and graphical controls are read with the screen reader.

It was developed by Klaus Knopper and his blind wife Adriane. In addition to the tribute to Adriane Knopper, the name is also a backronym for Audio Desktop Reference Implementation And Networking Environment. The software was introduced at CeBIT 2008 with the first presented version 5.3 of Klaus Knoppers Knoppix distribution. It is distributed as free software in the source code under version 2 of the GNU General Public License ( GPL).