The Lake Kochel is located 70 km south of Munich at the edge of the Bavarian Alps. He belongs to the municipalities Schlehdorf ( about 30 percent ) in the west and Kochel am See in the east. The lake is owned by the Free State of Bavaria and is managed by the Bavarian Administration of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes.

Location and settlement history

During the southern area of the lake is still surrounded by mountains, the northern part is already in the shallow foothills of the Alps and is bordered by the Loisach Lake Kochel - bogs. The history of colonization Kochels (formerly Quochcalun ) started on the so-called Birg at Altjoch, a rocky cone on the shores of Lake Kochel. The name is derived from the Latin Kochel Cocula, the name for the head, or cone summit. From Romanesque generic name it is especially the Kapf and Kogel with the side forms Kochel, Cowl, Koegel and cones, which are spread through the whole Bavarian language area ...


The lake was formed in the Ice Age, through the Ausschürfung the Isar- Loisach glacier. The surface of the resulting basin was subsequently filled by a glacial lake Seetone which formed an astonished underground. Today's Lake Kochel is only a remnant of the original until after Penzberg reaching and about 200 m deep basin in the flysch zone. The lake silted up gradually, so that north of it the Loisach Lake Kochel -Moore formed with low and high moors.

Inflow and outflow

In Schlehdorf, north below Herzogstandbahn and home garden, the Loisach flows in the western part of Kochel. She leaves the lake at its northern border, west of Kochel am See.

At the same time flows on average the same amount of water from Walchensee - and thus on the Isar - by the hydroelectric plant Walchensee to. In order to keep the fluctuations of the water level low, the outflow is regulated in parallel with the natural outlet of Lake Kochel through a canal lock.


Due to its location at the foot of Duke status and its proximity to the Walchensee Lake Kochel plays an important role for tourism in the region. Besides the usual activities such as bathing, walking and boat trips, the region is a hiking area. In summer, the mountains can be explored on foot touring and winter. Also there are ways to ski at Duke stand, from which one Kochelsee and Walchensee overlooks ( see Related links webcam).

Wind on Lake Kochel: Even for wind surfers and kite surfers of Lake Kochel is an interesting area, which is known for strong winds. If there foehn in the Alps, the wind blowing down the boiler mountain. On cold nights can occur on the northern slope of Duke and Heimgarten case winds that last up into the morning. It winds were measured to 8 Bft.


The villages on Lake Kochel belong to the district of Bad Tölz- Wolfratshausen:

  • Schlehdorf
  • Raut ( west bank, part of Schlehdorf )
  • Altjoch ( south shore, part of Kochel am See)