Schlehdorf is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district of Bad Tölz- Wolfratshausen. It is located on Lake Kochel and houses a convent of the Missionary Dominican Sisters, the Monastery Schlehdorf. Schlehdorf is a member of the administrative community Kochel am See. In 2013, the congregation celebrated its 1250 anniversary.


The first documentary mention in a founding document of the monastery Schlehdorf - Scharnitz dates from the year 763 This monastery stood on the acorn pointed at Kochelseeufer and was destroyed by the Avars in 907. A second monastery was built on the southern outskirts of Schlehdorf and burned in 1784 almost completely. A third monastery on the so-called Kirchbichl is still present today and since 1904 owned by the Missionary Dominican Sisters of King William Town.

The place belonged Schlehdorf of 1597 to the secularization to a closed Hofmark whose seat was the monastery Schlehdorf. 1818 Schlehdorf became an independent municipality in the course of administrative reform in Bavaria.


Parish council

After the last municipal election on March 2, 2008, the council has twelve members. The turnout was 67.4 %. The choice was as follows:

Another member and chairman of the municipal council is the mayor.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the municipality Schlehdorf is divided into three parts. The Blue hoe right and left, respectively, the Red Cross on a silver background are the coat of arms of the former Augustinian Canons Schlehdorf removed. The white blackthorn blossom on blue ground at the foot of the coat of arms is canting symbol of the town 's name.

Raut 15

Raut 30

Culture and sights

The lake road in Schlehdorf with their 12 lined up against each other and approximately equal farmhouse has an ensemble under monument protection. Their unique design is due to the almost complete destruction of the town by a devastating fire in 1846. The new direction of the village was carried out on the orders of the government in Munich, were prescribed exactly in the building lines, street layout and channels. In March 1847, the staking out of building sites was carried out. Especially, at right angles to one another happening to road trains, barns, stables and houses of the same type, without bay windows, balconies and projecting roof, to the same large gardens gave the village a completely changed and today unique look.



Kocheler Str

The belonging to the monastery parish has the only remaining organ of the organ builder Franz Thoma from Aitrang / Allgäu; It was consecrated in 1783.

The Schlehdorfer cross in the Holy Cross church with a life-size figure of Christ is built around the year 970, making it one of the oldest monumental crucifixes in Christendom.

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  • Hilary ( Benedict ) Hoiß (* June 27, 1888 in Unterau, † December 12, 1950 in the prison of Manpo, North Korea), Missionary Benedictines, martyr of Tokwon
  • Andrea Sawatzki ( born 1963 ), actress