Icking is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district of Bad Tölz- Wolfratshausen.

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The place belonged to Rentamt Munich or to the District Court Wolfratshausen of the Electorate of Bavaria and was until the secularization of the monastery an open Hofmark Schaeftlarn. Icking 1818 in the course of administrative reform in the Kingdom of Bavaria an independent municipality.


On 1 May 1978, until then independent municipality Villages was incorporated.


Parish council

After the last local election on 2 March 2008 the council has 16 members. The turnout was 66.7 %. The choice was as follows:

Another member and chairman of the municipal council is the mayor.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms description reads: Shared; split up of green and silver, a silver front paws cross, behind a red gezungter, growing black dog's head; below in silver, a green three mountain which is covered with a silver wave beams.



By Icking leads the Isartalbahn which formerly led from Munich to mountain, this since 1972 but ends in Wolfratshausen. Here is the 1891 at the same time opened the Isartalbahn station Icking, who now has two tracks on side platforms. The route is operated at 20- minute intervals from the line S7, the Munich S-Bahn, which runs from Wolfratshausen to cross the road. Icking is located in the area of ​​the Munich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV).

Public institutions

Educational institutions

The Rainer -Maria Rilke - Gymnasium (former high school Icking ) was founded in 1921 by a parents' initiative. On August 23, 1960, the treaty was signed which made a state institution from high school. Today, the school has three branches: linguistic, scientific, technological and humanistic. Currently about 920 students attend the school. The renaming in Rainer Maria Rilke - Gymnasium on April 14, 2011.

Leisure and sports facilities

Beach volleyball court, ski jump (TT), football pitch (hard court ), sports halls of the elementary school and gymnasium, tennis court.

Cultural Events

  • Icking concert cycle: three concerts on three Sundays in the fall, since 2000
  • Icking Spring: International String Quartet Festival, 2014

Personalities from / to Icking

  • Herta Pfister ( born 1918 ), painter, author, 1970-1982 chairwoman of the German Catholic Women's League ( KDFB ), holder of the Order of Merit and the Bavarian Order of Merit.
  • Dieter Borsche, German actor. Was domiciled in Icking at the beginning of the 60s.
  • Rosalie Brown - Artaria, writer and journalist. Spent her last years in Schlederloh and died there in 1918.
  • Bernhard Buttersack, painter, died on 6 May 1925 in Icking.
  • Klaus Doldinger, one of the most famous German jazz musician (Passport), lives in Icking. He joined the first jazz musicians in Germany pop and jazz music in the formation Paul Nero Sounds 1968. He played the saxophone as an autodidact, but had trained as a pianist and was also known as a film music composer and bandleader.
  • Adolf Erbsloh, painter, pioneer of modern art, lived and died in Irschenhausen.
  • O. W. Fischer, Austrian actor. Lived in the 60s built by him on the "Cat Schlössl " in Irschenhausen.
  • Gert Frobe lived for many years in Icking. He was buried in 1988 in the forest cemetery in Icking.
  • Max W. Kimmich (1893-1980), film director and scriptwriter, lived from the post-war period until his death in Icking.
  • Sybille Krafft is a German filmmaker and writer.
  • Peter Kremer, German actor ( " Siska " ) lives in Irschenhausen.
  • Marianne Langewiesche (1908-1979), writer, was born on 16 November 1908 in Irschenhausen.
  • D. H. Lawrence, English novelist. Lived in Irschenhausen in September 1927.
  • Rüdiger Lorenz, film producer and director lives in Icking.
  • Golo Mann, German historian, writer and philosopher.
  • Erich von Manstein was a German army officer in the Wehrmacht and died on 10 June 1973 in Irschenhausen.
  • Rainer Maria Rilke stayed in late August / early September in the district Irschenhausen for their summer vacation on. The former residence recalls with a plaque on it. According to him, the lying in Icking " Rainer Maria Rilke - Gymnasium Icking " 2011 was renamed (previously " high school Icking ").
  • Else Rosenfeld (1891-1970), social worker and writer, lived in Icking
  • Adolf Schleicher (1887-1982), painter and art educator with a private school, lived since 1926 in which he built - now landmarked - Haus am Schleicher gate. He was founder of the " Icking Sunday talks". His grave is at the Icking Forest Cemetery.
  • Gebhard Werner von der Schulenburg, writer, publicist, playwright and resisters, lived in 1936 in Irschenhausen.
  • Leo Geyr of Schweppenburg died on January 27, 1974 in Irschenhausen.
  • Richard Wachsmuth was a great physicist and died on 1 January 1941 in Icking.
  • Jan Weiler, journalist and author, lives with his family in Icking.
  • Else Wenz - Viëtor, children's book illustrator born April 30, 1882 in Sorau, (Lower Lusatia ); † May 29, 1973 in Icking
  • Alice Spies Neufert, author and activist * 1896 in Dusseldorf; † 1990 in Stuttgart, lived from 1950 until shortly before her death in the artists' colony at Schlederloh Icking