Greiling is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district of Bad Tölz- Wolfratshausen and a member of the administrative community Reichersbeuern.

The rural character, the village is located in the rolling foothills of the Alps just a few miles east of Bad Tolz. A number of small businesses are located.

  • 3.1 municipal


Greiling 1818 in the course of administrative reform in Bavaria, an independent political community.

Public institutions

There used in Greiling own elementary school. Today, the town hall and a nursery are housed therein. Behind the football field is the town hall. The volunteer fire department Greiling provides fire protection and general help in the community.


The merger of the municipalities Reichersbeuern, Greiling and Sachsenkam to an administrative community, the actual management and related municipal offices are housed in the administration building Reichersbeuern.


Parish council

After the last municipal election on March 2, 2008, the council has twelve members. The turnout was 66.5 %. The choice was as follows:

Another member and chairman of the municipal council is the mayor Hans Oster Munich (CSU ).


Leisure and sports facilities

The Segelfluggelände Greiling is mainly used since the withdrawal of the Aero Club of Munich from the Luftsportvereinigung Greiling for towing hang gliders and paragliders from. There also is home to the OSVM. There is also in Greiling since 1990 a tennis club, the TC Greiling 1990 eV The Greilinger Fire Department and the Greilinger Gartenbauverein perform numerous members who actively bring to appearance and village life an important part to get the village life. Also the Greilinger Maiburschen eV is a significant association receives the rural traditions alive.


  • Kraudn Sepp (1896-1977), Bavarian zither players and folk musicians
  • Gregor Fichtner (1828-1901), paper manufacturer and member of the Reichstag
  • Sebastian and Peter Horn, musicians of the pop band Bananafishbones, are originally from Greiling.
  • Christian Zehetmair, German kite flyers
  • Simon Fish Haber ( * 1990), German ice hockey player in the German Ice Hockey League