The Kockums AB in Malmo primarily manufactures military vehicles and since January 2005, a subsidiary of the German ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, which in turn is part of the ThyssenKrupp Group.


Kockums in the 19th century

In the 1820s, the family Kockum established as a commercial and industrial entrepreneurs in Malmo. Frans Henrik Kockum built with the manufacture of tobacco on a large fortune. This gave him the opportunity in 1840 a ​​machine shop ( Kockums Mekaniska Werkstad, Aktiebolaget 1866) to set up, initially mainly agricultural equipment, combustion equipment, stoves and ovens produced, since 1850 but also railway wagons. 1870 was a shipyard added to the workshop. The family also owned a brickyard in Lomma, which later evolved into the 1871 Cement formed Skåne AB. Kockums AB Jernverks, formed in 1875, was another company that belonged to the family. This was due to the different iron requirements in Blekinge and Småland.

Structural change

In the years since the First World War, a structural change in the Kockumsunternehmen was performed. Kockums AB in Malmo Mekaniska Verkstads focused on the production of vehicles, railroad cars and bridges, the Kockums Jernverk ( with activity mainly in Kallinge and Ronneby ) specialized in steel, steel products, galvanized and enamelled goods. The shipyards and bridge construction companies expanded greatly after the First World War. In the 1950s and 1960s the shipyard in Malmö had grown to one of the largest in the world, especially with the production of large cargo ships. In parallel with their production something shipping company was operated. Following the acquisition of AB Landsverk 1948, the remaining engineering company developed with the Kockums Mekaniska Verkstad.

Expansion, decline and change of ownership

The expansion continued until the mid- 1970s than in the other companies, such as Kockums Jernverk created economic problems which were subsequently liquidated or sold. Kockums AB Mekaniska Verkstads (since 1977 Kockums AB) also began to restructure its operations, but as a result of poor earnings and future prospects of the company was acquired in 1979 by the state Svenska AB Varv. After the civil shipbuilding operations had been shut down in 1987, were moved to the production to the construction of military ships. 1989, the Kockums AB closed under its own name with the Karlskronavarvet AB together. In 1999, the ownership of the German HDW Group. Kockums use of new technology in the last year has proven to be successful, among others within the underwater technology and in the development of vehicles in the silencer and. The Kockumsunternehmen sat 2002/2003 approximately SEK 1.5 billion and around 1,200 employees had in Sweden. Kockums belongs since 2005 to ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.


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