Konrad Spindleshanks

Conrad I (* unknown; † after 1178 ) was Duke of Silesia.


Konrad came from the Polish Piast dynasty. His father Wladyslaw II of displaced persons ( † 1159 ) was the founder of the line of the Silesian Piast dynasty. Conrad's mother was Agnes, daughter of the Austrian Margrave Leopold III. Conrad's brothers were:

  • Boleslaw I ( † 1201), Duke of Silesia
  • Mieszko I, 1163-1177 Duke of Silesia; 1177-1211 Duke of Ratibor; 1202-1211 Duke of Opole; 1210-1211 Senior Duke of Poland
  • Konrad's sister Richildis was married to King Alfonso VII of Castile since 1152.


Konrad was probably born after 1146 in Altenburg, where his parents and siblings were living in exile. He was diagnosed by his parents for the religious career and received his education in the monastery of Fulda. His father died in 1159 in exile in Altenburg.

After the Polish Duke Bolesław IV " Kraushaar " in 1163 had to give out the sons Vladislav under pressure from the Emperor Frederick I " Barbarossa " Silesia, who was then probably not yet of age Konrad remained in the Empire. His older brothers and Boleslaw, Mieszko took possession of Silesia, which they ruled first together. After it came to disputes between these two brothers, the country was divided in 1173. Boleslaw than the older received funds and Lower Silesia with the areas of Legnica, Wroclaw and Opole. Presumably, as Conrad's guardian, he also managed the Glogau area. Mieszko was the Upper Silesian areas of Ratibor and Teschen.

After the wars among the brothers went on, Konrad was only in 1178 through the mediation of Casimir IV " the righteous " Glogau the area as a part of the Duchy of Silesia. Since he is no longer mentioned in the further power struggles of the 1180s, it probably died shortly after 1178.


According to the list of the Dukes of Silesia Konrad said to have been in 1181 canon of Bamberg, and Elect of Bamberg and died in 1203 before taking office in Bamberg. Thus, he would have to be identical to the bishop of Bamberg Konrad von Ergersheim. From the literature cited below, this is not visible.