Konso people

The Konso are an ethnic group that lives in the south of the Abayasees Ethiopia in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, about 90 km south of the city of Arba Minch.

The language of the Konso Konso is the same name, which belongs to the ostkuschitischen language family.


The Konso are mainly known for their terraced fields. Further, they are also known for their wooden totems. These stelae show mostly famous warrior wearing a phallus -like headdress. The villages of Konso are very densely built up and fenced with high and massive stone walls. Previously served this, inter alia, to ward off enemies or wild animals like hyenas and lions. The few entrances were guarded around the clock by men.


Besides the usual throughout Ethiopia cereals is in the Konso and the carbon tree ( moringa olifera ) an important food. Its leaves are boiled with water and a little salt. These little dumplings are made ​​from corn flour. This is Kurkufa, noon and in the evening like eaten in the morning. To drink, the mead is very common, and corn is brewed a kind of beer ( Tschakka, Jagga ), which is also eaten throughout the day. The Konso are also known for their Webhandwerk.