Lowland East Cushitic languages

The ostkuschitischen languages ​​belong to the Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic primary language family. Most of these languages ​​are spoken in southwest Ethiopia, next to it are ostkuschitische languages ​​in eastern Ethiopia, in the southeast of Eritrea, common in Somalia, Djibouti, and in northeastern Kenya.

The largest single languages ​​are Oromo language spoken by about 30 million people and the spoken of at least 12 million Somaliland, the national language of Somalia. More ostkuschitische languages ​​, each with over one million speakers are Sidama, Hadiyya, Kambaata and Afar.


  • Afro-Asiatic Cushitic Ostkuschitisch Hochlandostkuschitisch Alaba - K'abeena / Qabena; K'abeena is classified in part as a dialect of Kambaata
  • Burji
  • Kambaata (including Timbaro )
  • Gedeo
  • Hadiyya
  • Libido / Mareko; emerged from the Hadiyya
  • Sidama
  • Afar - Saho Afar
  • Saho
  • ( Nord-Omo-Tana/Bayso; under Western Omo - Tana classified )
  • Western Omo - Tana Arbore
  • Dassanetch
  • El Molo
  • West-Sam/Rendille
  • East Sam bonuses
  • Somali (including Maay, Maxaa )
  • Konso - Gidole Konso
  • Dirasha ( Gidole )
  • Bussa
  • Gawwada
  • Tsamay

Tosco and Sava (2003) also assign Ongota / Birale as part of a Ostkuschitischen, while other investigators consider this language as a separate branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Robert Hetzron struck before 1980, to classify the languages ​​spoken in Tanzania südkuschitischen languages ​​morphological reasons as part of the ostkuschitischen languages.