Canyon of the Korana at Slunj

The Korana [ kɔrana ] is a karst river in central Croatia. It arises in connection to the Plitvice Lakes, in the Lika are ( Lika- Senj ). Officially begins at the mouth of the river Korana Plitvice, at the end of the chain of lakes of Plitvice Lakes. This place is called Sastavci ( Ger. confluence ). Just north of the lakes the Kordun region begins ( Karlovac ), through which the river flows further north. The Korana is a few kilometers long border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and flows through Slunj, past the natural phenomenon Rastoke, which is very similar to the Plitvice lakes, until they (also Kulpa dt ) flows into the river Kupa at Karlovac.

The river has no characteristic source of origin, but is simply the flow of Plitvice Lakes represents the Plitvice lakes, unique in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site belonging, caused by numerous water inlets. The best known of these are the Bijela and Crna Rijeka ( White and Black River ).

The Korana flows through a karst area, which consists of limestone. Under particular physical and chemical conditions, the nature always creates new rock in this area (see Plitvice Lakes ). Typical of the Korana is its clear, emerald green shimmering water. In summer, the maximum temperature of the Korana is about 28 ° C.

The Korana at Slunj

Road bridge over the river Korana in Slunj

The Korana in Karlovac