Krahn language

Krahn is the language of the people of the same name and is one of the Kru languages ​​within the language family of the Niger - Congo languages ​​.

There are two Krahn languages, Eastern and Western Krahn.

  • Western Krahn is spoken in parts of the Ivory Coast and Liberia. In statistics from 1991 and 1993, the number of speakers of this language was to 47,000 in Liberia and estimated 12,200 in the Ivory Coast.
  • Eastern Krahn is originally only spoken in Liberia. The statistics from 1991 is based on a number of 47,800 speakers.

There are many dialects of both languages ​​. The dialects in the Ivory Coast have mostly a French influence.

When Samuel Doe came to Liberia by a military coup in 1980 to power, attracted many Krahn speakers from the island areas in the capital Monrovia. It is assumed that many ethnic Krahn, who were brought to Monrovia, have not spoken the language.

Following the dismissal Does in 1989 and the beginning of the Civil War, its language spread through the Liberian refugees in the Ivory Coast.

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