Kunitachi Station


  • Chūō Main Line


The Kunitachi Station (Japanese国立 駅, Kunitachi -eki ) is located in the city of Kunitachi in Tokyo. It lies on the Chūō Main Line. In 2006, took advantage of a daily average of 54 979 people, the JR lines at this station. Near the station, the Hitotsubashi University is located.

Design and tracks

The JR station has two tracks that are used by an island platform from. It is built in the most common form railway station, the transit station.


JR Station is available here since 1925. The station was founded in order to reach the settlement of the Hitotsubashi University, which is also succeeded successfully. The University sought as a result of the Great Kantō earthquake at that time for a new location and then moved in 1927 after Kunitachi.

The name comes from the adjacent stations Kokubunji (国 分 寺 駅) and Tachikawa (立 川 駅), from each of which the first Kanji was taken.