Kwon Yeo-sun

Kwon Yeo -sun (born 1965 in Andong, Gyeongsang - bukdo ) is a South Korean writer.


Kwon Yeo -sun had a literary debut in 1996 when her novel The green gap ( 푸르른 틈새 ) was awarded the Sang Sang Literature Prize. At the time, novels that reflect the time of the democracy movement in Korea, consistently. The green gap was originally considered only as one of many novels of this retrospective, however, it should turn out that it was one of the most outstanding novels development of the Korean literary world of the nineties in this novel.

Despite her memorable debuts Kwon pursued in the following years, her writing career not active. Only eight years after the release of the green gap Kwon published a short story collection entitled Mermaid Skirt ( 처녀 치마 ). This book, expressed by the Kwon that it felt to how to publish a love letter to yourself, deals with downcast individuals who reach a place of resigned acceptance, despite their tragic fate. The characters in this book are generally persons who, because of their relationship that does not accept the Company, charged, such as extramarital and homosexual relations. Unable to overcome this handicap, the characters have to watch as their love breaks down.

In their second short- story collection The days of pink ribbon ( 분홍 리본 의 시절 ) the characters also for the most part people who are more likely to fail than are successful. They are mostly people with flaws in their personality or their body type. It seems as if the characters in Kwon's works not because of external reasons, but because of their own shortcomings or because of fate fail.

The disappointment and failure that keeps track of a person can be caused by a hidden trauma in the interior of the individual or by self - hatred. When readers encounter these characters in Kwon's stories, they tend to feel insecure, due to the discovery of negative energy and hate in them itself

The short story to believe in love ( 사랑 을 믿다 ), which was awarded the Yi Sang Literary Prize, followed the failure of a relationship between a man and a woman. The story raises uncomfortable feelings in the reader by the memories of how the path of love is riddled with errors. Kwon is one of the most prolific and acclaimed writers of modern times.



  • 푸르른 틈새 The green gap ( 1996)
  • 처녀 치마 Mermaid Skirt ( 2004)
  • 순수한 영혼 마릴린 먼로 pure Soul, Marilyn Monroe ( 2005)
  • 분홍 리본 의 시절 The days of pink ribbon (2007)
  • Believe 사랑 을 믿다 to love ( 2008)
  • 청소년 평전 세트 bibliographies Set for Youth ( 2009)
  • 내 정원 의 붉은 열매 The red fruits in my garden (2010)
  • 레가토 Legato (2012 )
  • 비자 나무 숲 walnut forest (2013 )


  • 2013 - 제 2 회 EBS 라디오 문학상 우수상 ( EBS Radio 2 Runner -Up Prize for Literature )
  • 2012 - 제 45 회 한국 일보 문학상 ( Hanguk Ilbo Literature Prize 45 )
  • 2008 - 제 32 회 이상 문학상 ( 32 Yi Sang Literature Prize )
  • 2007 - 제 15 회 오영수 문학상 ( 15 O Myong -su Literature Prize )
  • 1996 - 제 2 회 상상 문학상 ( 2 Sang Sang Literature Prize )