La Mouille

La Mouille is a commune in the French department of Jura in the Franche -Comté.


La Mouille is located on 913 m above sea level. M. four kilometers southwest of Morez and about 16 km northeast of the town of Saint- Claude ( straight line ). The village road extends in the Jura, on a terrace south of the deep river run of Bienne, on the northern edge of the Bois du Bevet.

The area of ​​8.06 km ² municipal area includes a portion of the French Jura. As a settlement area, the terrace of La Mouille, on average 920 m above sea level is. M. lies. It falls to the north and west steeply to the valley of Bienne from which is sunk a canyon about 300 m in the high areas of the environment. The densely forested slopes are traversed in different places of rock bands. To the south, the municipality's area covers the broad ridge of the Bois du Bevet on which with 1105 meters above sea level. M. the highest peak of La Mouille is achieved. In geological terms, this forms a ridge anticline of the Jura Mountains. The area of La Mouille is part of the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut- Jura.

At La Mouille addition to the actual site also includes several hamlets, groups of farms and individual farms, including (all on the ground terrace of La Mouille located ):

  • Le Bourgeat d' Aval ( 924 m above sea level. M. )
  • Le Bourgeat d' amont (920 m above sea level. M. )
  • Les Lattes ( 924 m above sea level. M. )

Neighboring communities of La Mouille are Morbier in the north, Morez in the east, the south and Longchaumois Lézat in the West.


The origin of La Mouille applies the Priory, founded in the 9th century Nigro Medis, which was of the monastery of Saint- Oyend -de -Joux, which later became Abbey of Saint -Claude, depending. Together with the Franche -Comté reached the village with the Peace of Nijmegen in 1678 to France. Since the 17th century, the residents secured their income only agriculture but also by the manufacture of nails.


The Village Church of La Mouille was built in the 18th century and remodeled in the 19th century. From the 18th century the chapel of Saint -Isidore comes. The former priory (15th century) was converted into a school.


With 326 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) La Mouille is one of the small towns in the Jura. After the population had decreased significantly in the first half of the 20th century (1886 504 persons were still counted ), a slight increase in population was recorded since the mid- 1970s again.

Economy and infrastructure

La Mouille was until well into the 20th century a predominantly coined by agriculture, especially livestock and dairy farming, as well as by the forestry village. In addition, there are now a number of companies of small businesses, including the eyewear industry and the manufacture of accessories for the watch industry. Many workers are also commuters who engage in the larger towns in the vicinity of their work.

The village is located off the major thoroughfares of the secondary road D69, which runs from Saint- Claude to Morez.

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