Lady, Be Good (musical)

Lady, Be Good is a musical with music by George Gershwin and lyrics by Ira Gershwin song. The book was written by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson. Additional songs and lyrics are by Cliff Edwards, Chick Endor, Gilbert Wells and Arthur Jackson. Alex A. Aarons and Vinton Freedley produced the first joint work of the Gershwin brothers, who helped them at the same time to make a breakthrough on Broadway. This is also true for Fred and Adele Astaire in the lead roles, in which they performed both on Broadway and the West End. In addition to the Astaire was to see Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike ).

The premiere took place on December 1, 1924 Liberty Theatre in New York and the first performance in London's West End on April 14, 1926 at the Prince of Wales Theatre instead.


The apartment of siblings Dick and Susie Trevor is evicted. The two are, however, about the future, full of confidence and the very same evening, the siblings have fun at a party in the wealthy Josephine " Jo " Vander Water. The evacuation was prompted by Jo; she is in love with Dick and seeks to ensure that he moves in with her. Although Dick is currently in a relationship with Shirley Vernon, he goes, because homeless, advertise on Jos and the engagement is announced. Susie meets at the party again a tramp and the two fall in love. She does not know that it is at the tramp to Jack Robinson, was considered the missing millions heirs of Senator Robinson. Also Jos lawyer Watty Watkins is in trouble; a Mexican desperado requires him to organize an inheritance scam. To participate in the legacy of the late senator, was determined that his missing nephew, Jack Robinson, in Mexico would have married - and the sister of the Desperados. Then my sister but just in jail, Watty, Susie responds with a request to pose as those before the inheritance administrator. The scam starts during the second act at Hotel Robinson. Dick crosses there out of concern for his sister also, but first met his one true love Shirley. He discovered his sister, as this has its appearance as a Mexican widow of the lost Jack Robinson. Then, when even shows up Susie's beloved tramp, the whole society ends up in the brig. Here, the Tramp is recognizable as Jack Robinson. The finale at the yacht club, the couples meet properly sorted: Susie and Jack, Shirley and Dick and Jo and Watty.

Well-known musical numbers

  • " Fascinating Rhythm "
  • " Oh, Lady Be Good! "
  • " The Man I Love" - written by Gershwin for the show, but not used


The film of the same name from 1941 by Norman Z. McLeod has little in common with the musical; provided with a new plot, were only the two hits " Fascinating Rhythm " and " Oh, Lady Be Good" used. Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II wrote the song for the film " The Last Time I Saw Paris."