Lake Rweru

The Rugwero Lake ( Rweru Lake) is a lake on the border of Rwanda and Burundi, close to the border with Tanzania.


The Rugwero Lake is located at the southern end of the Mugesera - Rugwero swamps in southeastern Rwanda. From the surface of the lake are about 20 km ² and 80 km ² in Rwanda in Burundi. The lake extends over a length of about 18 kilometers in north-south direction and about 14.5 kilometers in east-west direction. At its southern end opens the Muhembuzi and at the eastern end of the Nyamabuno into the lake. About the Nyamabuno the Rugwero Lake is also connected to the Kanzigirisee.

At the northern end of the lake becomes the Mugesera - Rugwero Everglades and is connected to several kilometers with the Nyabarongo about this. In addition, there is a direct connection with the flow. After this confluence of Nyabarongo flows as Kagera Nile eastwards towards the Rusumo Falls.