Lake Vozhe


The Woschesee or Wosche (Russian Воже ), also known as Tscharondskoje (Russian Чарондское ) is a lake in the north of Vologda Oblast in Russia. The lake has an area of 416 km ², the catchment area of ​​6260 km ². The average water depth is 2 m, the maximum water depth is 4.5 m.

The Woschesee is drained by the river swid to northern Latschasee whose effluent is the Onega.

The lake is surrounded by lowlands. Along its shores extend wetlands. The largest wetland is located in the southeast of the lake. About 20 rivers flow into the Woschesee, including the Woschega and Modlona. The lake freezes in late October early November and remains covered with ice until May.

Spassky is the only major island in Woschesee. On it are the ruins of a former monastery.