Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory

Lamont - Doherty Earth Observatory ( LDEO ) is a research institute of Earth Sciences at Columbia University.

The Institute was founded in 1949 at the suggestion of Maurice Ewing. His current director is G. Michael Purdy. Head of Administration Kerstin Lehnert.

After a donation from the Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation, it was renamed in Lamont - Doherty 1969. It is located in Palisades, New York, a hamlet of Orangetown, in the southeastern part of Rockland County, New York, west of the Hudson River on the property of the eponymous bankers Lamont. Approx. 15 km north of Manhattan.

  • Famous people: Marie Tharp
  • Wallace S. Broecker, Crafoord Prize in Geosciences 2006 Award Winners
  • Taro Takahashi, Champions of the Earth, 2010 award winners, the highest of the United Nations award for environmental leadership