Lasauvage is a village in the commune of Differdange in the canton of Esch- sur -Alzette in Luxembourg. It has 415 inhabitants ( 2010).


Lasauvage is enclosed by the border with France, except in the east. The village is located in a circular basin, the ( Luxembourgish: Réierbaach ) of the stream Crosnière is formed and can be reached from Differdange on the CR 176a, a small road that leads partly through forest. The French neighbor called in Luxembourgish Zounen (French: Saulnes ).

( For the villages of Differdange, Petingen, Nidderkäerjéng ​​and Sass Home ) and the SIAL, the French Wastewater Association for the agglomeration Longwy, the sewage of the town Lasauvage be further treated for cross-border cooperation between SIACH, the Luxembourg Wastewater Association for the basin of the grain in the French neighboring community as these technical and economic solution offered because of the shorter distance of only ten kilometers. The wastewater from the community are fed to the collective collector of the Valley of Crosnière after a conversion action in excess of two million euros and then the biological treatment plant of Lexy.


  • Musée Eugène Pesch in the former mine administration building materials and tools for metal mining in the 1920s
  • Nature School Lasauvage
  • Mine shafts, which can be navigated with a Bergwerkszug

Mining of metal ores

1625 the first ironworks was built in Lasauvage. Here was also the first blast furnace in Luxembourg. Several pits promoted Minette here. The last mine was closed in 1978.


Comte Fernand de Saintignon, a citizen of the place, had a church, a school and a parsonage built. He wanted to expand Lasauvage to a spa. That's why he built a spa hotel, today the Balcon. The project failed, however.

In Lasauvage there was a restaurant that was right on the border between Luxembourg and France. In the center of the economy, a white line was drawn, which indicated the border between the states.

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