Latinus Silvius

Latinus Silvius is in Roman mythology, a descendant of Aeneas and the fourth king of Alba Longa.

His predecessor was his father Aeneas Silvius ( according to Livy and Diodorus ), according to Ovid, he is the son of Silvius. He ruled for 51 years. Taking the reigns given by Dionysius of Halicarnassus with a back calculation from the traditional year of the founding of Rome is based, this corresponds to the years 1081-1030 BC

He was a powerful ruler, according to Diodorus, both in the internal affairs were concerned, as well as in war. The legendary tradition after he was the founder of many cities, including: Tibur, Praeneste, Gabii, Tusculum, Cora, Pometia, Lanuvium, Labici, Scaptia, Satricum, Aricia, Tellenae, Crustumerium, Caenina, Fregellae, cameria, Medullia and Boilum.

He was succeeded by his son Silvius Alba.


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