LCC is an abbreviation for:

  • Amphibious lead ship ( NATO code LF), a special type of ship which is only found in the U.S. Navy, was designed and built as a command ship for amphibious operations
  • Lambert Conformal Conic, a widely used map projection, see Lambert Conformal Conic projection.
  • Land Component Command, a command post for the guidance of land forces in military operations
  • Language for Conversational Computing, a programming language
  • Last Chance check, visual inspection of military aircraft before take-off
  • LCC tarptautinis universitetas ( lit.), International University of LCC, a Christian private university in Klaipėda, the third largest city in Lithuania
  • Leadless chip carrier housing the form of integrated circuits (IC )
  • Liberian Council of Churches, Churches in Liberia
  • Library of Congress Classification, a classification that was developed at the Library of Congress, is used for research institutions and university libraries in the U.S. and several other states
  • Life cycle cost and life cycle costing and life cycle costing, cost management method to withdrawal from the market considers the development of a product from the product idea ( product life cycle), ie from the " cradle to the grave "
  • Linux Core Consortium, which later became the DCC Alliance
  • Load Cycle Count as S.M.A.R.T. Parameters for hard drives
  • Local C Compiler alias Little C compiler ( usually called " lcc ") is
  • Local Coordination Committees Syria, see Local Coordination Committees in Syria
  • London Congestion Charge (English for London Congestion Charge ), an inner city toll, which motorists are required to pay in Central London
  • London County Council, former administration of the County of London established in 1889, is the first authority for the entire London conurbation that was directly elected
  • Low -cost carrier, see low-cost airline
  • Low- cost country, see low-wage country
  • Lufthansa City Center, a chain of owner-managed, medium-sized travel agencies
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