Lena Wisborg

Lena Wisborg (* September 24, 1965 in Huddinge, Sweden ) is a Swedish former child actress. She was best known for her role as Ida Svensson in the movies Emil of Maple Hills ( 1971-73 ) and of the resulting television series.


Wisborg has worked according to Michel - shooting only on another film project. In the Swedish TV miniseries Katitzi (1979 ) she played the role of Gullan. It was after the Autobiography of Katarina, fell a well-known writer, who belongs to the Roma, turned, consisted of 6 episodes x 30 minutes and was only in Scandinavia.

In TV shows or interviews Lena Wisborg is gone, however, and has come back, though rarely. So you saw them, among other things, 2005 in the German TV station RTL during the Saturday evening show, the biggest TV hits of all time - The most popular children's programs ( where Michel took first place in the audience rating ) in a short produced in Sweden Interview Einspieler. In this post, she explained that she had had a lot of fun on the set of Michel movies and revealed that at that time, a doll was used for the scene in which she had hanging on the flagpole. She herself had been filmed for only two brief shots at a height of approximately 1.5 meters above the ground.

When asked if she still had contact with other actors / actors from the Michel - movies, they only said that they Björn Gustafsson ( servant Alfred) occasionally visit every now and then, if time permits. At other actors, in particular for Jan Ohlsson ( Michel ), they have since then never had contact again.

Lena Wisborg now works as a seamstress and designer in the vicinity of Stockholm, a Swedish fashion house or fashion company.

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