Level 42

Level 42 is a British music group that was founded in early 1980. Their music is characterized by strong radio - elements and catchy melodic structures. Occasional instrumentals but also show clear influences from jazz. Through two very different vocal singers ( Mark King / Mike Lindup ) the songs gain additional depth.

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Band History

The Phil Gould brothers (drums) and Rowland " Boon " Gould ( guitar) and her boyfriend Mark King ( bass / vocals ) had been made ​​since teenage days together music, as Phil 1979 a fellow student to fetched - Mike Lindup (keyboards / vocals). They had already completed some minor performances, when the idea came up to the band's name "88" zuzulegen. But since it already has a formation called "Rocket 88 " was, they took instead the number " 42" ( initially without levels) in reference to Douglas Adams ' novel " The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". In it the question of all questions will be answered - the answer is 42

Wally Badarou, with Phil and Mark had worked together before and knew his way around with synthesizers, the band joined in, but not as an official member because he was contractually bound otherwise. However, he appears on several albums as a composer, musician and producer.


In May 1980, Andy Sojka was aware of them and took them up in his small independent label Elite Records. Here they changed the band name to Level 42 and took in July released their debut single "Love meeting Love" after she had written a text for the actually instrumental piece. The single placed in the British Funk / Disco charts and caught the attention of Polydor Records, which subsequently produced the second single " ( Flying on the) Wings of Love".

Her first published in April 1981 Top 40 single in the UK, " Love Games ", was produced by Mike Vernon, followed by the first album, " Level 42", which debuted within two weeks in the Top 20 in the UK album charts. Other Singles: " Turn it On" and " Starchild ".

After they had already started in January 1982 with the work on their second album, it was decided in March first to bring older material of the band from the time at Elite Records under the title The Early Tapes on the market. In July came from Mark and Mike, a single called "Freedom" under the name thunderthumbs and the Toetsenman (German thunder thumb and keyboardist ) out.

Again with Mike Vernon, it was concluded in September 1982 from the third album The Pursuit of Accidents, which releases " Are you Hearing ( what I Hear? ) ", " Weave your Spell" and "The Chinese Way " were quite successful.

Larry Dunn and Verdine White of Earth, Wind and Fire had seen Level 42 in 1983 in Germany and offered to produce their next album Standing in the Light in Los Angeles. In May 1983, she played her first concert in the U.S. at the " Britain Salutes New York " festival. After her return, she played the known Montreux Jazz Festival. Extractions of the album were "The Sun Goes Down ", " Out of Sight, Out of Mind " and " Microkid ".

After Mark King had released his debut solo album Influences, followed in August 1984, the next single "Hot Water" from the new album True Colors, which was released in October. To strengthen themselves Krys Mach joined on saxophone, who accompanied the band at the following concerts. The second single was "The Chant Has Begun ".

Since Level 42 was considered a good live band wanted to record this live feel, resulting in the live album A Physical Presence, released in June 1985. In November 1985, followed by World Machine, again with the two successful releases " Something about you" and "Leaving Me Now ". With an almost completely sold-out UK tour, the Group completed this year.

The most successful single " Lessons in Love ", this time with Gary Barnacle on saxophone, came out in April 1986 and has high place in Europe and even in the United States. Also successful was published in February 1987 single " Running in the Family", followed by the eponymous album, which received platinum status in just one week. Several sold-out concerts all over Europe followed. The third single from Running in the Family was " To be with you again".

In October 1987, Phil and Boon Gould left Level 42 Phil felt drained, and it turned out that he was diabetic. He was also unhappy with the newer pop sound of the band. Boon had persistent stomach problems and wanted to retire in favor of his family out of the band.

As a substitute for an ongoing U.S. tour by Tina Turner, who accompanied them, Neil Conti and Paul Gendler jumped one. In the video for " Children Say ", which was released in December, only Mike and Mark were already to be seen. Gary Husband and Steve Topping came as a new musician to do so. After a few shots in Ireland, however, Steve left the band again, as he did not quite into it found in the style and life of the band.

Alan Murphy jumped in a sought-after session guitarist of the time in England. Again produced by Julian Mendelsohn and Wally Badarou came in September 1988 Staring at the Sun in the record stores, followed by a four-month tour of Europe. The extractions of this LP were "Heaven In My Hands ," " Take a Look " and " Tracie ".

October 19, 1989 Alan Murphy died after a short illness of AIDS. The single " Take Care of Yourself " was subsequently released without much publicity shortly thereafter.


In June 1990, Mike came out Lindups first solo album Changes. He was supported in this by well-known musicians such as Pino Palladino, Manu Katché and Dominic Miller and gave two concerts.

The new band album Guaranteed was ready, but was shelved due to differences between the band and their record company Polydor. These wanted level 42 should sound more commercial, what Mark, Mike and Gary, however, did not like. Compared with their initial style the band had already done several times concessions to the pop business that does not always arrived well with the fans. So they parted by Polydor and looked around for alternatives. For some concerts at the end of Allan Holdsworth jumped on guitar.

The label BMG / RCA took level 42 to live with him and Guaranteed published in September 1991, just as the same single release. For her doctorate, she went on tour again, supported by guitarist Jakko Jakszyk. The album was the first time a piece that Gary Husband had composed. The second single was " Overtime".

In March 1992, Guaranteed has also been published in the U.S., but was abandoned on a local tour, as the sales figures were rather average. The third single " My Fathers Shoes" was a sounding by Country piece, which also was not high place.

In March 1994 came the tenth studio album by Level 42 in the record stores, Forever now. Both the title track and the second single "All Over You " reached again higher chart positions. The third piece was still decoupled " Love in a Peaceful World ". In a small Japanese tour Gavin Harrison helped out on drums.

Back in England played Mark King and Mike Lindup on 14 October 1994 their last joint concert at the Royal Albert Hall. They decided to go their separate ways.

1995 Boon Gould published a solo album under the title Tin Man.

Mark King 1998 brought out another solo album One Man, whose single " Bitter Moon " even Record of the Week on BBC Radio was. Then they found Mark as front man in the known Nokia Night of the Proms tour, on which he played some level 42 classics, backed by a full symphony orchestra.

Another solo - production of Mark King was expelled in 1999 under the title Trash exclusively on Marks website and included remnants of the material, the marks for one man had written. Under the name Grupo Mark King went on mini-tour for the promotion of trash, which was joined two old friends - Gary Husband and Jakko Jakszyk.

Since 2000

The year 2002 started with the news that Mark King had the rights to the band name Level 42 secured and therefore could perform live under that. It came out a number of live albums and DVDs.

At the end of 2003, Mike announced the release of his second solo album called Conversations with Silence, four years of work, proves its qualities as a pianist at the Mike.

In the new cast members Mark King ( bass), Gary Husband ( drums), Nathan King (guitar), Lyndon Connah ( keyboards) and Sean Freeman ( saxophone) in 2004 played numerous concerts.

In October 2006, the studio album by Level 42 Retroglide appeared at Universal. The musicians: Mark King, Gary Husband, Mike Lindup, Nathan King, Lyndon Connah, Sean Freeman and Boon Gould ( guitar solo on the track " Ship" ). All songs were composed by Mark and Boon.

In October 2013, the Sirens EP was released with six titles.



  • 08.1981: Level 42 (UK 20)
  • 03.1982: The Early Tapes; contains recordings from 1980 (UK 70)
  • 09.1982: The Pursuit of Accidents (UK 17)
  • 08.1983: Standing in the Light ( UK 9, D 27)
  • 10.1984: True Colours (UK 14, D 23)
  • 06.1985: A Physical Presence (UK 28)
  • 10.1985: World Machine (UK 3, D 12, USA 18 )
  • 03.1987: Running in the Family (UK 2, D 4, U.S. 27)
  • 11.1989: Level Best (UK 5)
  • 09.1991: Guaranteed (UK 3)
  • 07.1992: The Dance Re - Mixes
  • 03.1994: Forever now ( UK 8 )
  • 10.1998: The Very Best of (UK 41)
  • 11.2002: The Ultimate Collection ( remastered version of Level Best )
  • 06.2004: Greatest Hits - Sound & Vision ( CD DVD)
  • 06.2006: The Definitive Collection (UK 20)
  • 10.2006: Retroglide
  • 08.2010: Living It Up ( box set with hits and rarities)
  • 10.2013: Sirens (6 track EP )


  • 08.1980: Love Meeting Love (UK 61)
  • 04.1981: Love Games (UK 38)
  • 07.1981: Turn It On (UK 57)
  • 11.1981: Starchild (UK 47)
  • 04.1982: Are You Hearing (What I Hear ) (UK 49)
  • 09.1982: Weave Your Spell (UK 43)
  • 01.1983: The Chinese Way (UK 24)
  • 04.1983: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (UK 41)
  • 07.1983: The Sun Goes Down ( Living It Up ) (UK 10)
  • 10.1983: Micro Kid (UK 37)
  • 08.1984: Hot Water (UK 18)
  • 10.1984: The Chant Has Begun (UK 41)
  • 05.1985: A Physical Presence (EP ) (UK 87)
  • 09.1985: Something About You (UK 6, U.S. 7)
  • 11.1985: Leaving Me Now (UK 15, D 34)
  • 04.1986: Lessons In Love (D 1, UK 3, U.S. 12)
  • 02.1987: Running In The Family (UK 6, D 12)
  • 04.1987: To Be With You Again ( UK 10, D 39)
  • 09.1987: It's Over (UK 10)
  • 11.1987: Children Say (UK 22)
  • 08.1988: Heaven In My Hands (UK 12, D 22)
  • 10.1988: Take A Look (UK 32)
  • 01.1989: Tracie (UK 25)
  • 10.1989: Take Care Of Yourself (UK 39)
  • 08.1991: Guaranteed (UK 17, D 51 )
  • 10.1991: Overtime ( UK 62)
  • 03.1992: My Father's Shoes (UK 55)
  • 02.1994: Forever Now (UK 19, D 51)
  • 04.1994: All Over You (UK 26)
  • 07.1994: Love In A Peaceful World (UK 31)