Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander ( Abbreviation: LCDR (USN ) or LtCdr ( RN ) ) is a military rank in many navies in the English language, so in particular in the U.S. Navy (USN ) and the Royal Navy ( RN).

The Lieutenant Commander, NATO rank code OF- 3, is the first staff officer rank and thus the technical on remuneration equivalent to Lieutenant Commander of the German Navy. Because of the historical development of the service level but can the LCDR or LtCdr not be directly compared with the Lieutenant-Commander, being rather a lieutenant in prominent service position (lieu tenant loan word of Fr ) as the deputy to the commander is. That's why he wears his cap of Lieutenant (without the oak leaf decoration, the so-called "scrambled eggs" ) and holds seagoing units from service the way they are transferred to the German Navy captain rather lieutenants.

While it is common in the U.S. Navy, a Lieutenant Commander shortening to speak with "Commander", this is not provided in the navies of Britain and the Commonwealth countries.

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