Ranks and insignia of NATO

The NATO rank code that is defined in 2116 ( STANAG ) in Standardization Agreement, the comparability of the ranks of the various armed forces of the 28 NATO member states serves. It consists of a letter-number combination.

Since there are differences within the ranks within the various armies of the NATO rank code of simplifying the recognition in the grade of soldiers from other nations would serve. The NATO rank code should not be confused with the pay levels, as these are country-specific (for example: the German pay levels according to the Federal pay scale ( BBesO ) or the U.S. paygrades ). Moreover, not all Ranks necessarily identical, but must be identified by the rank code as similar.

  • 2.1 NCOs and other ranks
  • 2.2 officers
  • 2.3 generals

Levels of rank codes

( Other ( enlisted ) ranks OR, English enlisted men and officers. ) The rank code is divided into officers (OF, English officer ) and other ranks. As examples, the ranks of the respective land forces are given.

Belgium has officially three official languages ​​( French, Dutch and German ), but are due to the small number of Germans and the fact that is only spoken French and Dutch in the Belgian armed forces, only listed these names. Canada has two official languages ​​(English and French), so there is in these two countries equivalent multilingual rank designations. Therefore, in the following tables for these countries all language versions are listed.

NCOs and other ranks


1er soldier


Caporal-chef/1er Caporal - Chef


1er Sergeant/1er Sergeant - chief

1er Sergeant Major


Adjutant -chef / Adjutant - Major

Primo caporale maggiore / Caporale Maggiore

Private ( Recruit )

Trained Private


Master Corporal Sergent - ( moins de 3 ans d' ancienneté ) Sergeant - (less than 3 years seniority )



Sous- lieutenant / 1er Lieutenant

Capitaine / Capitaine - Commandant


Lieutenant - colonel

Officer Cadet

Second Lieutenant / Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel


The abbreviation OF- D, also OF ( D) is in English for officer - designate, what to say about German officer candidates.


Subsequently, the ranks of the generals.

Général de Brigade

Général -major

Lieutenant - général


Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General


Warrant Officer

In the five NATO countries USA, Greece, Italy, Poland and Romania, there is also the career of Warrant Officer, which is divided in rank code as follows:

Application of the NATO rank codes with non-NATO states

In joint operations with the armed forces of non- NATO countries (eg in international peace missions ) of the NATO rank code is often used to rank comparison. Austria and Switzerland have made ​​available to appropriate lists on the Internet portals of their armed forces.

NCOs and other ranks