Lightscribe is a technology developed by HP and Lite-On Technology for labeling a CD or a DVD (DL ) using a CD / DVD burner. Unlike the Labelflash process not the data side, but on the label side of the disc is described. For such a labeling special blanks and Lightscribe -enabled burners are needed. Burners that do not support Lightscribe, can not be upgraded.

Initially, the matte surfaces were always bronze (see figure below), and later included additional colors. In November 2008, Verbatim was the first manufacturer double-layer DVD R discs with LightScribe surface on the market.


A LightScribe blank has on the label side of a light-sensitive surface coating with a wavelength of 780 nm changes its color when struck by infrared laser light. The etched lettering is solid gray to black on the respective color of the surface. The label can not be deleted, but it can fade under constant irradiation with normal artificial light earlier than nine months. Since a CD or DVD but basically should be stored protected from light, which is in practice usually not relevant.

A bar code at the center of the blank is used to determine the exact position of the rotating disk in the burner. This makes it possible to extend an existing label. If a particularly strong labeling is desired, a blank may be several times labeled congruent because the label with each burn is darker. The delays involved, however, is great and the labeling is not always perfectly congruent; must meet high aesthetic demands on the label, the LightScribe method for time is therefore only of limited use. By the bar code label, the usable area is reduced compared to industrially printed CDs. The diameter of the unprintable area is in the center of 47 mm instead of 27 mm.

Currently (January 2009) takes a label passage for a complete area depending on the drive about 15 to 20 minutes. This disadvantage is partially qualified by the fact that the labeling procedure, unlike the burning process, critical interruptions respect, so he can run in the background while the computer can be used for other tasks. There is also the possibility of a CD / DVD is not the whole area, but to save time to label only partially. Some labeling programs (such as the LaCie LightScribe Labeler from ) also support the possibility to control several parallel-connected drives simultaneously.

It is positive that the label no additional printer is needed, and that the label is absolutely no lubrication. Furthermore, no paper is used, which could be solved in the drive.

The method is more suited to dark text on a light background and vice versa, since a large area burned areas unavoidable concentric Schwärzungsvariationen are much easier to see.


Stand: May, 2006

  • Manufacturer: LG Electronics, Plextor, Pioneer, Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology, Lite-On IT Corporation, Panasonic Communications, Panasonic Shikoku, Hitachi -LG Data Storage, BenQ, Philips, Asus, Samsung, Data Tronics
  • Trademark owner, optical media: Primeon, HP, Imation, Memorex, Philips, TDK, Verbatim
  • Trademark owner, Hardware: HP, BenQ, LaCie
  • Software Developer: Nero, Sonic Solutions

Software that supports Lightscribe

  • Burning Studio from version 9.10 ( Ashampoo )
  • CDBurnerXP
  • Cover Studio from version 2.00 ( Ashampoo )
  • DeepBurner
  • Disc Cover RE ( Droppix )
  • Disc Label 6 (Application Systems Heidelberg )
  • Disc Label ( SmileOnMyMac )
  • Easy Media Creator 8 ( Roxio )
  • EasyDVD Copy 2.x ( Roxio )
  • Express Labeler ( Droppix )
  • Label Maker ( Droppix )
  • LabelPrint 2 ( Cyberlink )
  • LightScribe Labeler for Linux (4L ) ( LaCie )
  • LightScribe Simple Labeler (Hewlett -Packard)
  • LightScribe Template Labeler (Hewlett -Packard)
  • MyDVD 8 ( Roxio )
  • Nero Burning ROM Version (Nero AG)
  • Nero Cover Designer (Nero AG)
  • Qt lightScribe ( Linux software )
  • Recorder ( Droppix )
  • RecordNow 8 ( Roxio )
  • SureThing CD / DVD Labeler ( Microvision )
  • Toast 8 Titanium ( Roxio )
  • VideoWave 8 ( Roxio )
  • Creator ( Roxio )
  • And all the burning and printing software that direct the LightScribe logo