LimeWire was a free software client for the Gnutella network, which is written in Java and thus was platform independent. The program had different search categories, which in audio, image, video files, documents were classified ( eg MS Word, PDF) and computer programs themselves. It had a built-in audio player and offered many advanced settings, even a text completion was available. Before downloading copyrighted content you were warned.


In its origins LimeWire was a proprietary software that was created by Lime Wire LLC. LimeWire and BearShare were the two leading suppliers, which promoted the development of the Gnutella protocol after the Gnutella Developers Forum of Clip2s Kelly Truelove was founded.

LimeWire was available in two versions: a free basic version and an extended version ( " LimeWire Pro" ), which was sold for a fee. How many manufacturers of peer-to -peer software also came Lime Wire LLC, the trademark owner of LimeWire, in legal battles with the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA Abbr ) and was forced to sign a cease and desist letter. In the future, LimeWire should therefore include protection mechanisms that should prevent file sharing of copyrighted files. Thus, several open source developers were not agreed, and was FrostWire. The source code of LimeWire was published under the GNU General Public License and was available on the developer side of LimeWire.

Lime Wire LLC, the further dissemination and maintenance of the software has been prohibited by a court in the United States on October 26, 2010. In the course of this dispute, the plaintiff amounted their losses incurred by 400 billion to 75 billion U.S. dollars, which was rejected as "absurd " by the court. The last LimeWire version already contained a deactivation function, which now makes impossible both the direct exchange between users and the general use of the program. Thereupon projects that spin off LimeWire founded independent of Lime Wire LLC will continue to develop, such as FrostWire and the " LimeWire Pirate Edition ".