Little Carpathians



The Little Carpathians ( Malé Karpaty Slovak ) is an approximately 85 km long, wooded mountain range in western Slovakia and in the east of Lower Austria. They mark the beginning of the Carpathian arc in the west. It is a mountain range in geological Fatra - Tatra Area.


The Little Carpathians begin in the southwest in Austria, because Hainburger mountains, also Hundsheimer mountains on the right side of the Theban gate belonging to the mountain complex.

The Hundsheimer mountains on the Danube in Lower Austria near the Slovakian border, forming the western reaches of the inner Western Carpathians. The Hundsheimer mountains heard from west to east: the Pfaff mountain ( 331 m), the Hundsheimer mountain witch mountain massif ( 480 m), the Spitzer mountain ( 302 m), the Schlossberg (291 m) and the Brown Mountain ( 346 m)

Links of the Theban gate are the mountains in the district already Devin Bratislava ( Pressburg ), and extend in a northeasterly direction to the town of Nové Mesto nad Váhom ( Neustadt an der Waag ). To the west lies between the March and the Little Carpathians the lowland Zahorie; the Waag touches the Little Carpathians in the north- east, while in the north the small river Myjava forms the boundary between the small and the White Carpathians.

The highest elevation is the Záruby 768 meters. The mountain is a popular hiking area. European Route E8 runs along the crest of the Little Carpathians. While you can find wine-growing areas on the southeast side, the northwest side is marked by many ruins.

In 1976, the almost entire area of ​​the Little Carpathians was ( 646.10 km ²) declared a conservation area Malé Karpaty.

In the Little Carpathians are some caves: Currently, only the Drina cave in Smolenice is operated as a show cave.


From south to north:

  • Devínske Karpaty ( in Bratislava)
  • Pezinské Karpaty ( in Bratislava and then to Buková in the north)
  • Brezovské Karpaty ( between Buková and Prašník )
  • Čachtické Karpaty ( between Prašník and Nové Mesto nad Váhom )


  • Castle Cerveny Kamen
  • Castle Čachtice
  • Bradlo at Brezová pod Bradlom
  • Devin Castle
  • Castle bladder stone

Highest elevations

  • Záruby ( Scharfstein ) 767.4 m
  • Vysoká 754.3 m
  • Vápenná ( Rachst [h ] urm ) 752.2 m
  • Čertov Kopec (Devil's Mountain) 751.8 m
  • Veterlín ( Wetterling ) 723.5 m
  • Veľka Homola 709.2 m
  • Čmeľok 709.0 m
  • Skalnatá 704.2 m
  • Geldek 694.7 m
  • Čierna scale 662.2 m
  • Klokoč 661.3 m
  • Gajdoš 650.5 m
  • Somar 649.1 m
  • Konské hlavy 648.9 m
  • Stary plášť 643.9 m
  • Of Horny vrch 643.1 m
  • Križnica 604.2 m
  • Brown Mountain 346 m