Western Carpathians


Western Carpathians, Bukowina, Poland

The Western Carpathians ( sk: Západné Karpaty, cz Západní Karpaty, pl: Karpaty Zachodnie ) are part of the Carpathian Mountains. The Western Carpathians are largely the territory of Slovakia and the neighboring regions of Austria ( north easternmost Austria from the Vienna Basin ), Czech Republic (eastern Moravia ), Poland (southern Poland, Lesser Poland part of the country ) and Hungary (northern Hungary).

The border with the Eastern Carpathians in the broader sense leads in the north -eastern Slovakia Bardejov approximately along the line - of Michalovce, ie, the last mountain ranges of the Western Carpathians are Čergov and Slanské Hills. As a single boundary point is usually the Duklapass ( sk: Dukliansky priesmyk, pl: Przelecz Dukielska ) called.

The highest part of the Western Carpathians and at the same time throughout the Carpathians is the Tatra Mountains with the highest mountain Gerlachovský stit ( Gerlsdorfer peak) 2655 m above sea level. M.

In the Western Carpathians, the distinction between the Outer Western Carpathians and the Inner Western Carpathians is important. For details, see Carpathians.

The ( exterior ) Western Carpathians also include a series of mountain ranges that traditionally bear the name Beskydy. The Low Beskid (sl: Nizke Beskydy, pl: Low Beskid ) in eastern Slovakia and Poland, however, are already among the ( exterior ) Eastern Carpathians. The name Beskydy carry almost all Carpathian Mountains in Poland, they are there but also in the Czech Republic (eg Moravskoslezské Beskydy ), Slovakia (eg Nizke Beskydy ) and Ukraine.


The Western Carpathians are characterized by a very structured relief from (many valleys and the like. ), So that they consist of countless small mountains.

The classification of individual mountain ranges are not standardized. This can be found in the literature and on different cards of different information, especially in mountains of the Slovak-Polish border region. The membership is of some mountains on the "inside " that is on the south side of the Western Carpathians, the Carpathian Mountains controversial.

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The Romanians, however, refer to as the Western Carpathians ( Carpatii Occidentali ) the Banat Mountains, the Poiana Rusca Mountains and the Apuseni Mountains, which lie on the border with Hungary and Serbia and contain approximately the following towns: Oradea, Cluj- Napoca, Beiuş, Ştei, Abrud, Brad, Moldova Veche, Orşova Bocşa, Resita and Anina.

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