Loimijoki in Forssa

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The Loimijoki is a river in Finland. It is an important tributary of the Kokemäenjoki, in which he leads coming close Huittinen from the south. The Loimijoki has its origin in the lake Pyhajarvi at Tammela. From there it flows over a distance of 114 km to its mouth and overcomes a height difference of 54 m. Its catchment area covers 3140 km ². Several dams in Forssa, Jokioinen and Loimaa lie along its course.

The Loimijoki flows through the region of Finland with the most fertile soils. The river had earlier introduced due to industrial and domestic wastewater pollution on a high. Since the 1980s, corresponding countermeasures have resulted in improved water quality in the Loimijoki.