Lorry-Rail S.A.

Lorry- Rail S. A. is a Luxembourg shipping company with international partners, which was created to build and operate a 1050 km long international rail - road connection from Bettemburg in Luxembourg and the French Perpignan to the Spanish border.

Purpose and Benefits

This railway line allows it to handle the transport traffic to Spain with tractor - trailers without drivers and tractor, due to a daily service. As the company announced in April 2010, three trains will continue between Bettemburg and Le Boulou run daily.

May 2011 is called the target, to cover the two thousand km route between Spain and Scandinavia within two days, what were required at least three days on the road, however.


The operator Lorry Rail is a subsidiary of the French railway company SNCF and distributes the convoys in cooperation with the Luxembourg CFL. Involved is also Geodis, a transport and logistics company SNCF.


The biggest train that was ever on the French rail network is on the way, the 850 meters long and 2,400 ton SNCF freight train that ran from the south of France, Le Boulou, near Perpignan until after Bettemburg.