Louis Blanc

Jean -Joseph -Charles -Louis Blanc ( born October 29, 1811 in Madrid, † December 6, 1882 in Cannes) was a French utopian socialist and founder of the Social Democracy.

He examined the effects of capitalism ( such as unemployment ) by reforming the economy to mitigate, which is based on the political hegemony of the working class. His 1839 published major work organization of work (L' Organisation du travail ) is still relevant today, as it first pronounce a right to work as a civil or human right.


Blanc's father was an official in the Spanish Ministry of Finance at the time of the Spanish King Joseph Bonaparte. After the fall of Napoleon I. the family impoverished.

His schooling received Blanc 1821 to 1830 at the Gymnasium in Rodez. He then moved to Paris to pursue a journalistic career. After this suggestion, however, were unsuccessful, he first took a job as a tutor in from a source in Arras industrialist. From 1834 he was active then again in Paris as a journalist and writer. From 1839 to 1842 was Blanc editor and publisher of the Revue du Progres politique, social et litteraire. In the same functions he worked from 1841 to 1848 INDEPENDENTE at the Revue and also worked from 1843 for La Réforme.

During the February Revolution of 1848 he was Chairman of the Workers Parliament and Minister of Labour; but remained his attempts at reform ( purchase of mines and railways, centralization of insurance, establishment of cooperatives, the abolition of regulated through the market prices, so-called national workshops on the employment of the unemployed) for the most part unsuccessful. In his ideas on the bond price today in France or in part, usual price controls on certain basic food goes back. After the suppression of the revolution of 1848 he had to go to 1870 into exile, first in Belgium and later in England. He spent his last years in part as a deputy in the National Assembly, in which he was a member of the far left, but spoke out against the Paris Commune. He was at this time as political mentor for the then young MPs Jean Jaurès and Georges Clemenceau.


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