Louis W. Tordella

Louis " Lou" W. Tordella ( born May 1, 1911 in Garrett, DeKalb County, Indiana; † 10 January 1996), was from 1 August 1958 to April 21, 1974 Vice - Director of the National Security Agency ( NSA). The supercomputer Building at Fort George G. Meade ( seat of the NSA) is named after him.

World War II

In the summer of 1941, the then 30 -year-old Tordella had worked as an assistant professor of mathematics at Loyola University Chicago. He volunteered at the nearby headquarters of the 5th Army. While the U.S. Army rejected him, took him to the Navy with open arms.

First Tordella worked in April 1942 in Washington for the OP -20 - G of the Navy from July 1942 in Bainbridge Iceland, Washington also, for listening to Japanese telecommunications and 1944 on Skaggs Iceland in San Francisco. He was released in October 1946 after the Second World War from the military and took a job as a civilian mathematician at Entzifferungsdienst the Navy, then Communications Supplementary Activity - later the Naval Security Group - to. When the NSA was founded in 1952, he became chief of the department NSA -70. Since Tordella had a good rapport with Richard Helms, the former Chief of Operations and later director of the CIA, put him Gordon A. Blake as a mediator between the two intelligence agencies in the early years of a NSA.