Love (Sasha Son song)

Love to German "love" is the Lithuanian contribution to the Euro Vision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow. In the Lithuanian version Pasiklydęs zmogus (Eng. " The Lost Man " ), it won the Lithuanian national preliminary round called Lietuvos Dainu daina 2009 with the maximum score of 120 points. Sung is Sasha Son, who also composed the song under his real name Dima Šavrovas and has texted.

Lietuvos Dainu daina

As one of the 60 entries Pasiklydęs zmogus was submitted to the Lithuanian preliminary decision and chosen as one of 36 titles in the preliminary round.

In the first quarter-final, which took place on 10 January 2009, the song with 92 points to qualify as placed first song for the semi-finals, which took place on 31 January. There Pasiklydęs zmogus qualified with 109 points and again as First Place for the finals on February 14, where it is clearly qualified with the maximum score 120 for the Euro Vision Song Contest.


Pasiklydęs zmogus

In the Lithuanian version, which won first place in the Lithuanian charts, it's about an unhappy man who warns another to make the same mistakes as he did. The first man has forgotten to love yourself, and do not want to be looked at. He therefore granted the other the Council that he never intended to lie to ourselves, then life will easier. Because if you lie to yourself, you become a lost man.


In the English version of Love is asked if it has a meaning, if a little girl is crying alone or with a little boy looking for his home. After a moving dream the singer is clear, however, that a love between two people only thrives when one loves love. Only if you love love, love will love you.